About us (History)

Poly form Company in 1993 in order to introduce a new style of interior design and office furniture and home was founded in 1993 as Poly Form Saz Iran was registered in the same year was awarded the prize of Tehran International Exhibition .

The company is looking to the future and with expertise in architecture, industrial design, graphic design and aesthetics of the market share in a short time for offices, homes, shops, hotels, restaurants and exhibition stands on its own and Letter and honored with statues in the years that followed to this day maintain its position in the industry.

The company uses its previous experience and innovation and ergonomic design and attention to customers’ requirements and using suitable raw materials and production quality as well as precise control of the quality of stations in the years after the founding to the present day Iran is in the furniture industry leading and unique position in this field is achieved.

In 2001, due to market demand in relation to household furniture The Idea stores launched.

Also in 2002 the company obtained exclusive Çilek Turkey, Furniture for children’s bedrooms, and at the same time supply the market with 11 dealers continued to operate in Iran.

In this regard, and in 2004 received the official representative of the company Lineadecor Turkey, which was active in the production kitchen, which is already in operation.